Field Example Write the data for your motor

SMS Serial Number
(printed on SMS case)
(xxxxxxxx are numbers)

Motor name (Tag) Secundary Water Pump 1

(at motor location)

Password xxx
Manufacturer Brand Name

Rated Power (KW) 2.984

or Rated Power (HP) 4
Rated Voltage (V) 300

Number of Poles 4

Frequency (Hz) 60
Connection Star, Delta, Double Star, etc.
Drive VFD or DOL, etc.
Efficiency level IE1, IE2 or IE3

Model 1AA46

Location xx Factory

Plant Incinerator #1

Process Induced Draft Fun #1

Rated Speed (RPM) 3420

Rated current (A) 7.3
Eff @100% 84.5
Bearing manufacturer* SKF

DE bearing * 6206

NDE bearing * 6206
*If you can’t find these Bearing information, leave the field blank. The SMS algorithm will just default the Bearing info to an Index of 10, or good all of the time.
Revision: 12
Last modified: 24 October 2022