Make sure you verify all these items before installing or commissioning a SMS device.

What to verify How to verify
Verify Wi-Fi access point is 2.4GHz 802.11b/n/g. Check the settings on the back of the router, as seen on the picture.
What to verify How to verify Android mobile app iOS mobile app
2 Prepare a mobile device (smart phone / tablet, Android or iOS) that can connect to the above access point. The mobile device is mandatory only for the commissioning: the monitoring can be done via PC and mobile device Confirm OS version. Make sure you are not using a Windows tablet. Verify connectivity to the target network Android OS6.0 or later iOS13 or later
3 Install SMS app on your mobile device Use the following links ADI OtoSense SMS – Google Play ADI OtoSense SMS – App store
4 Activate SMS account Click on the link in the invitation email and log into your account. If you have not received the invitation email, skip steps 4 and 5 and go to 6. Contact your ADI sales representative to get the invitation
5 Confirm Wi-Fi signal strength is greater than -60dB at the motor location and connect to the internet At the motor location, open SMS mobile app and tap “Validate Your Wi-Fi Network” (Run the validation) Confirm that you passed all 4 steps
Step 1: Network Signal
Step 2: Network Frequency
Step 3: Internet connectivity
Step 4: SMS access to cloud
On iOS, step 1 and 2 can’t be performed: ignore the result “Warning” and confirm Step 3 and 4 pass. Regarding the network signal, the strength should be confirmed using a Wi-Fi Analyser running on an Android or Windows device, and should be > -60dB. Regarding the network frequency, confirm item 1 on this checklist
What to verify How to verify
6 Find the right position to attach
the device to the motor
Attach as drawn on the SMS case:
  • on the center line
  • opposite the shaft and load
7 Prepare the necessary information
for commissioning the SMS by collecting the motor parameters on its label and the electrical
connection information.
Fill in the Motor info form and make sure that the mandatory parameters marked with an * are filled in.
Print it out and have it available at the time of commissioning, it will save you time
8 Take a 3mm, 2.5mm Hex Wrench T Hex Rench is recommended when installing multiple SMSs
9 Take a Phillips screwdriver
10 Take gloves You will be using Epoxy, which is a very strong adhesive
11 Watch the video “How to Commission a SMS device” Watch video
12 Watch the video “How to install a SMS device” Watch video
13 If you run into an issue, you will find more detailed explanations in the next sections of this user guide
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