About this guide

The ADI OtoSense Web Application User’s Guide describes the features, components, and functionality of the ADI OtoSense web application.

ADI OtoSense is a browser-based application to monitor the status of motors fitted with Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) devices, which transmit real-time data about the motors’ operating condition to the OtoSense Cloud Server. Operators can monitor this data through the ADI OtoSense application’s web-based interface.

ADI OtoSense is the central monitoring point for motors equipped with SMS devices.

Intended audience

This guide is intended for all users of the ADI OtoSense web application.

Table of Contents

Accessing the OtoSense SMS web application for the first time
Navigating the OtoSense SMS web application


Figure 1 – ADI OtoSense Login Screen
Figure 1a – Dashboard search bar
Figure 1b – Dashboard collapsible menu
Figure 2 – Dashboard – General View
Figure 2a – Dashboard in Graph view
Figure 2b – Dashboard in List view
Figure 2c – Dashboard in List view – filters
Figure 3 – Expanded location view
Figure 4 – Detailed motor view
Figure 5 – Detailed motor information
Figure 6 – Failed component (red)
Figure 7 – Component might require attention soon (yellow)
Figure 8 – Parameters tab
Figure 9 – Creating a date range
Figure 10 – Operating Hours and Number of Restarts
Figure 11a – History plot sub-tabs
Figure 11b – Parameters sub-tab – plot
Figure 12a – Performance sub-tab – selection
Figure 12b – Performance plot
Figure 13a – Health sub-tab – selection
Figure 13b – Health plot
Figure 14 – Map view
Figure 15 – Location data visualization
Figure 16a – Reports
Figure 16b – Create reports
Figure 16c – Report example
Figure 16d – Edit report
Figure 17a – Alert email
Figure 17b – Alerts view
Figure 17c – Component fault condition evolution
Figure 17d – Alerts – Comment view
Figure 17e – Motor view with alarm notification
Figure 17f – Motor view with high severity alert
Figure 17g – Failure mode health plot
Figure 17h – Alerts: Alarm; Repaired; Recovered; Learning

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Last modified: 21 July 2020