OtoSense AI requires a learning process about the operation of the motor to ‘learn’ to predict component faults. During this learning process, the motor should ideally run at all RPM and with all loads that will apply in a typical operation. If this is not possible at the time of installation, you will be able to initiate a re-learning when the time comes by sending a request to the support email address Support.PdM.Otosense@analog.com.

Likewise, when different RPMs and loads than initially learned are applied during normal motor operation, OtoSense AI detects this and raises a Performance alarm. If you want to integrate these RPMs and loads in your model, please request Relearning by contacting our support team at Support.PdM.Otosense@analog.com: they will add this new data to the existing model of this motor.

The duration of the learning process varies depending on the type of motor operation, but normally lasts four weeks.

During the learning process, the status indicator on both the mobile application and the web page will remain blue.

ADI OtoSense SMS will notify about the end of the learning with an email and a push notification in the mobile app. From this point on, the device can detect faults, and the traffic lights will indicate active values.

Revision: 15
Last modified: 7 April 2021