ADI OtoSense SMS requires a learning process about the operation of the motor to create a motor model that will ‘learn’ to predict motor component faults. This learning process comprises of 3 stages: Quick Learning (approximately 7 days), Predictive Learning (approximately 4 weeks) and Fully Predictive (ongoing). During this process, we recommend that the motor should run at all RPMs, temperatures and with all loads that will apply in a typical operation, if possible, to create the best model. While commissioning the device by using the mobile app, you are guided to mount the device on the motor and confirm when this is done so that the learning process starts and can collect motor data from the beginning. If for any reason, the device is not mounted on the motor at the time of installation, you will be able to choose the option: ‘Save and mount later’. The learning will begin when you confirm that this has been completed on the mobile app. 

You can view the 3 stages of the learning process either on the web or mobile app and know which stage you are currently on:

1. Quick Learning 

Smart Motor Sensor requires approximately 7 days to create an initial model of how the motor operates in its unique environment*. 
Smart Motor Sensor will not predict faults during this stage.

2. Predictive Learning 

After Quick Learning, Smart Motor Sensor will predict faults, while simultaneously learning for an extended period**. This stage enables improved predictions for all detectable fault types. 
During this stage, faults will be predicted within the parameters of the motor conditions that Smart Motor Sensor observed during Quick Learning. The motor model will continue to improve based on learnings from any changes to operational conditions. 

3. Fully Predictive 

When Fully Predictive, Smart Motor Sensor is capable of detecting faults across all conditions observed throughout the Predictive Learning stage. 

During the Quick Learning stage, the status indicator on both the mobile and web application will remain blue with a Learning badge. During the Predictive Learning stage, the status indicator on both the mobile and web application will show the motor status. 

ADI OtoSense SMS can notify you about the progress through the learning stages with an email and a push notification in the mobile app once you have opted for these options in the Notification settings screen. From the second stage ‘Predictive Learning’, the device can learn and detect faults, and the traffic lights will indicate the motor status. 

When different RPMs, ambient temperatures and loads that initially learned are detected during normal motor operation, ADI OtoSense SMS detects this and raises a performance alarm. Please contact your ADI account manager or our support team if you need assistance.

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Last modified: 4 March 2022